Runbio Biotech Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned biotechnological company founded by a Canadian Chinese in 2001. It is located in the Sino-Israel (Shantou) Scientific and Technological Innovation&Cooperation Zone covering an area of 20,000 m2,10,000 m2 of which is building area.

We have gotten MDSAP, CE and ISO 13485 certificates. Our production management is strictly in accordance with the international quality management system to ensure product quality.

Relying on the advantages of talents and technology from China and Canada, we have established a perfect industrialization system of R&D, production and sales in the field of biodiagnosis, which provides a powerful driving force to the company's sustainable development.

We have world-leading production lines and experienced staffs with a daily production capacity of 2 million test kits.

At present, we have passed MDSAP and CE certification. Our main products are rapid diagnostic kits covering areas like fertility diagnosis, drug of abuse detection, rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases and tumor detection. Because of excellent quality, such as good reproducibility and specificity, high sensitivity and easy operation, and competitive price, they are favored by customers from the United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America, South Asia and other international markets.

We are committed to providing people with products and services of outstanding quality, thus making their lives easier and more convenient.


Runbio has always focused on research and development, and regards innovation as the soul of the development of the company.Currently, we have set up 2 research centers both in Canada and China. One is the Biomaterials and Immunochromatography Research Center. It is at the cutting edge of colloidal gold and latex labeling technologies, biomaterials technology such as monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody, recombinant antigen andsynthetic antigen, and immunochromatography assay in China. The other one is the Polymer Biofilm Research Center, also known as Ealon Membrane Co., Ltd (http://www.ealonmembrane.com), which mainly researches carrier film for lateral chromatography--nitrocellulose membrane. A series of nitrocellulose membrane   with different pore sizes have been successfully developed here. They are widely used in the production of various immunoassay products, such as early pregnancy test, ovulation test, drug of abuse tests and infectious disease tests. Now it is a leading manufacturer of nitrocellulose membranes in China.



Dedicate to develop and make safe,convenient, rapid and accurate POCT products.

Sincerely care for health and life.


Devote to providing professional products and services of rapid diagnosis and progestation care.

Work hard to realize the dream shared by employees, customers and partners with customer as the center.





In China, David One Step Pregnancy Test and David One Step Ovulation Test produced by Runbio have become the first brand in its industry. "David" has greatly improved the chances and quality of conception in women of childbearing age, what's more, help them to achieve contraception, thus being well received by consumers and truly realizing the product concept of "Be Eugenic To Conceive, Be Happy To Contracept". In 2014, “David Intelligent Platform for Pregnancy Plan”, which is pioneering in the world, was officially launched. It carries many important functions including calculating the best time to conceive, recording hormone change of user, recommending the best time to detect and offering reference peak value, ushering a new era of pregnancy plan. Until 2019, the platform has been upgraded to version 8.0. AI recognition technology of the new version makes pregnancy plan more convenient and efficient to more consumers.

As a leader of its industry, Runbio is doing its upmost to provide high-quality and considerate service to customers.